Asha Prashanth, NGO.

The marma points massage is simply amazing…

Devarajan, VP - Operations, AXIS Bank.

Came with acute lumbar disc prolapse.The pains vanished like magic.And most importantly he treatment is not more than two weeks.

Suyambulingam, Sr.Software Engineer, Symantec.

Consistently providing quality treatment..Great place to get yourself cured..

G.Mamani, Asst.Manager, UII, Chennai.

Got my 65 years old mother for severe cervical spondilosis,with vertigo and acute headaches .After the course of treatment, we saw a 90% improvement, Pain reduced almost,,vertigo gone and no headaches.I would strongly recommend this place.

K.Selvarajan, Engineer, Port Trust.

Came with a severe disc bulge and was advised surgery. Dr.Vijeyapal’s treatment made me walk again.The treatment cost is affordable too.I would strongly recommend this place..

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