Treatment (Curative Therapies)

At Herbzalive, we practice the Panchakarma techniques in treating a variety of ailments. Panchakarma, as the name suggests, is a five (pancha) actions (karma) therapy, of keeping the mind and body healthy. These Panchakarma therapies cleanse the system of all impurities and effect a radical cure to most ailments.

We offer specialized Ayurvedic treatments and medicines for:

  • Life style diseases like Diabetes / Hypertension / Obesity / Arthritis / Osteoarthritis
  • Infertility
  • Hereditary disorders like Asthma / Rheumatoid Arthritis / Cystic ovary
  • Allergic disorders like Psoriasis / Eczema / pruritis
  • Work induced disorders like Cervical spondylosis / Disc herniation / Lumbago / Stress / Insomnia / Gut infections / Ulcers
  • Inflammatory disorders like Sinusitis / Migraine / Inflammatory Arthritis

Dr. Vijeyapal, Founder of Herbzalive, has been practicing in the field of Ayurvedic medicine for over 20 years. He offers his consultancy services to many corporate as well as clinics.


Herbzalive offers:

Pain(Nerve/Muscle) Management:

From the aching cervical Spondylosis to the nerve wracking neuralgia, Herbzalive has solutions for all. The Panchakarma therapies use the right combination of oils, medicines and massages, which work wonders in bringing relief.

Stress management:

Stress has now become one of the greatest concerns to most people, resulting in sub-standard quality of life. Excess stress affects the mind and spirit, which in turn affects the body. The stress management program involves helping our patients control their higher levels of stress and finding methods to overcome them.

Herbzalive combines Panchakarma therapy to help in reducing stress levels, advices on life style modifications and dietary regulations.

Weight Management:

The emphasis here is on, how to reduce or gain weight and to achieve a perfect Body Mass Index (BMI). Herbzalive offers special Ayurvedic therapies and gives guidance on the right diets and exercises, leading to healthy weight loss… remember there is no short cut to losing weight!!

Women Health Package:

Every woman’s reproductive cycle begins with the on-set of menstruation and ends with menopause. Physical and emotional problems associated with this cycle are generally due to hormonal imbalance. Herbzalive offers specially designed Panchakarma therapies to deal with such problems and to improve overall well-being.

Detoxification and Rejuvenation therapy package:

Herbzalive offers intense Ayurvedic therapies, which scientifically aim at detoxifying the system, thereby rejuvenating the body and mind as well.

Geriatric health care package:

Geriatric health packages are used when an elderly person is faced with decreased capacity to function due to complications of aging, illness and disabilities. Herbzalive offers mild abhyanga therapies and herbal drugs to provide quality healthcare.

Annual health package:

Herbzalive takes care of your health needs throughout the year with multi-faceted packages for the family and friends at reasonable rates.

Health packages:

Herbzalive Advantages:

Herbzalive offers a world class environment accompanied by different techniques which result in better health and a fast recovery.


  1. Postural Correction
  2. Therapeutic yoga
  3. Therapeutic exercise
  • Packages are developed, based on individual requirements.
  • There are 36 traditional oils and 7 Sugandha based oils to overcome individual health conditions.
  • Two kits:

    Seasonal regime kit and Daily regime kit.