"A positive Health is neither a goal nor a destination. It is a way of life, and Ayurveda is the way of life"

This is the only science which postulates both the Swasthavrutham (Preventive healthcare) and Rogaprashamanam (Curative Healthcare). The emphasis is more on preserving positive health. There are many unexplored treasures in this system of medicine, in the form of Practices and Advices, which when followed, good health blossoms effortlessly...

Welcome to Herbzalive - where your health is our priority. We bring to you the secrets of ancient Ayurveda, to help you deal with the pressures and ailments of today’s lifestyle, where it becomes a challenge for most people to attain and enjoy good health.

Our Preventive Treatments are designed to counteract future health problems, for anyone willing to lead a life of perfect positive health. We assess your body and advice you on how to prevent most probable ailments that you could suffer with, in the future.

On the curative front, our principles at Herbzalive revolve around nurturing your body’s natural healing process, without any artificial interventions, chemicals and side effects. At Herbzalive, our team of experienced doctors strongly believes in treatments with non invasive procedures, which result in long term benefits to our patients.